who are we?

petra mehl - lammens
degree in economics,
management in human recource and service industry,
systematic consultant,
Master at ISB, Wiesloch, Germany
performance improvement consultant,
gestalt therapist,
national and international experience,

since 1996 independent human-resources-consultant for
executives of various companies in europe and asia like:
(banks, insurance, engineering firms, IT and telecommunication companies, hotel groups, etc.)

since 1998 chairman of flames consulting india pvt. ltd. in bombay, goa, project consulting in india together with german companies

since 2000 intercultural training and coaching for indians in india "the strange german ways", member of IMCI - Institute of Management Consultants of India - and referent at management institutes in india

since 2004 intercultural training and coaching for europeans who are working together with indians or european expats in india, as well as coaching for intercultural teams

& network
the "network" are partners in sales training and sales consultancy, project management, cross-culture for other countries than india. people who think in the same way, have the same values and good education and experiences.
all of us operate in english and german, some in french, dutch, hindi or other indian languages
petra mehl & network    fon 00 49 - 821 - 15 53 89    fax 00 49 - 821 - 51 72 62    info@petramehl.com