india - germany?? 2 worlds ??

marco polo found the chinese odd. mark twain opined the same about the europeans. indians find our need for order unusual. we find it unusual how indians deal with things like time, planning, organization and hierarchy.
with the realization that goodwill alone is insufficient to bridge cultural gaps, we have conceptualized this seminar. we wish to involve ourselves more intensively with india than a tourist. because the india viewed from a businessman's perspective is an entirely different country. the perspective of perhaps the accompanying family yet different
knowledge about india gives us confidence when dealing with foreign cultures. the emotional trauma of being in a foreign environment is by no way small. the less you prepare for it, the bigger later strains will be. through the awareness of ones own culture we can indeed adapt our behavior easier in foreign cultures.


numbers, statistics, facts about india

  • politics, history, economy, religion, structure of society

business in india

  • planning & decision-making
  • meeting culture
  • motivation and conflict behavior of indians
  • how can you avoid misunderstandings
other habits and behavior patterns of india
  • how does one live well in india? - without excessive vexation.
awareness of ones own culture
  • covering the essential cultural differences and how they might best be handled

all people who want to work with indiens, expats or projectteams, who have collegues in india

inhouse seminar:
we can plan the seminar inhouse in german or english.

the speech:
a speech according to the targetgroup and topic focus in german or english.

the book:
Geschäftserfolg Indien by Petra Mehl-Lammens
India has a tremendous potential as a market as well as an outsourcing and production location. But: How can you manage your market entry? This business guide by Petra Mehl-Lammens not only shows how business people get along amongst culture und corruption in India, but also which mistakes they should avoid and which business rules they absolutely have to follow.

In her book she speaks about her rich experiences as a longtime consultant and a cross culture trainer as well as a successful enterpreneur with her own company in Mumbai. You can order the book here.
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