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corporate-transformation-tool (CTT)

running a succesful company means offering a great place to work!

according to a survey of the gallup institute, only 15% of the german employees are committed to their work. this causes a worldwide economic damage of about euro 220 millions.

in 60.000 exit interviews, 80% of the turnover is related to an unsatisfactory relationship with the manager.
mostly, the reason for this is the lack of a value-based and vision-guided corporate culture people can identify with.

kotter & heskett of the harvard business school found out that companies with a strong value-guided culture outperformed companies with a weak culture by far.

how to create a corporate culture in which people are satisfied and efficient .....

one method is building up human capital, that means the synchronisation with the personal values of the employees and the values of the company, concentration on employee fulfillment, emotional intelligence of the leadership and a strong goals-orientation throughout the company.

companies, considering this criteria are able to attract and keep talented people. moreover, they increase their profitabilty, their performance and in the end their shareholder value.
nowadays, keeping talents is absolutely necessary in the global economy! due to demographical reasons it is becoming more and more important! professional employees with a focus on the customer are a significant differentiator!

the cost of losing talent is tremendous: 2.5 to 4 times yearly salary!

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